Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Dad....One of the Best People I Know

Tomorrow is my Dad's birthday. I'm writing this tonight because it is on my mind right now and I have a few moments of peace and quiet. Imagine that! I don't know if my Dad will read this...I will have to call my Mom, tell her to tell him to get on my Facebook, tell him HOW to get to my blog, etc. etc. etc.

My Dad is a great fascinating man. I have many fond memories of him. When I was young, he was a Special Education teacher at Fairview High School. He would spend the summers at home with us kids. One memory I have of him is when it was lunchtime, he would make macaroni and cheese and fill up our bowls. One for Joe, one for Debbie, one for Chris, and two for Dad. And that is when I learned what fairness was. From that point on, and to this very day in my life, my Dad treats every single one of his children, our spouses and every single one of his grandchildren EXACTLY the same. There are no favorites. He makes Excel spreadsheets for EVERYTHING! He spends the same amount of money at Christmas on everyone. Nobody is favored, nobody is loved any more than the next and we all get teased just the same. It is nice to be in a family where there are 18 of us and we are all treated the same. I just love it! Because in life, that NEVER EVER happens.

When I was in high school, I was in FBLA. I was in a typing competition. My Dad came and watched me type through the skinny window at the competition. Call me crazy, but that stays in my mind and is as important as a Father sitting in the stands at a football game rooting on his son! WOW.

There have been a few times in my life that I have been extremely sick. One time is when we lived in Arizona right before moving back to Colorado. I had a short stint with septic shock. I remember having 6 week old twins and my parents just happened to be in town for the weekend. I was lucky to have them there. First, to help with the babies. Second, to support me. Although being septic and completely drugged up, I remember my Dad sitting by my bedside saying breathe Debbie, come on, get your oxygen level up to 90%. BREATHE. I know you can do it. Come on. I know you can do it. Just amazing. I WAS the cheerleader in the short skirt with the big smile, the blond hair and loud mouth....yet here he was cheering me on to just BREATHE! I did it Dad, thank you. Unfortunately, that isn't the only time I've been septic and you've been there through the other awful time as well. I truly appreciate your love and support and dedication through all of those yucky times.

If you know one thing about my interests at all, you know that I am passionate about fishing. I love to fish. I dream about it. It relaxes me. I get excited just thinking about it. It does not gross me out. I love catching them, I don't mind cleaning, I even like eating them!!! I get big bright blue eyes when I realize it is MY weekend to go camping/fishing with my parents in the summer alone without my kids! We spend the whole weekend just fishing and fishing and fishing. I love it. When I die, I want my fishing pole in my casket with me. Along with a picture of me and the biggest fish I ever caught. That is exactly what I want. I am putting it in my will. I covet my fishing pole. I do not let anyone use it. I protect it like I would a newborn. I am not sure if I would love fishing this much if my Dad did not take the time to teach me how to fish and the importance of waiting to actually CATCH a fish. All those years he spent untangling my line from my brother and sisters. All those years he showed me how to string up my line the correct way. To this day, I use homemade weights that he made when I fish. Not Wal-Mart weights, my Dad's weights. They work and I catch BIG fish. Thanks Dad.

Anyways, I know I can count on my Dad at any time for anything. I don't talk to him nearly as often as I'd like. But when I do, I enjoy it. He's a good man and I'm thankful to call him my Dad. I consider myself very lucky to have him so close and I hope that he has a really great birthday. He has truly helped me become the person I am today and I love him and thank him for that.

Happy Birthday skinny walking machine! Love you!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Who Said Treadmilling Wasn't Fun?

OMG! So I committed to walking on my treadmill for 20 minutes every morning this week and I have stuck to it so far. It has been fairly easy, no kid interruptions...just my iPod, a sad looking dog and lots of sweat. Well today was a little bit different. Let me set up the scenario for you all. My treadmill sits right next to the window. The sun shines through the window. As I walked, my arms swung back and forth. All of a sudden, I notice my 9 month old kitten watching the carpet intently...watching my shadows. So what do I do? You got it..I start wiggling my fingers. And so for 20 full minutes, my stupid kitten chased the shadows of my fingers and flopped all over the carpet trying to catch them the whole time while I was on the treadmill. I could not stop laughing. I almost fell off TWICE. Such entertainment!

I didn't get a chance to write yesterday because I was BEAT! I was completely exhausted. I can't remember the last time I worked a "paying" job (well 2 paying jobs) for 6 hours in one day. Plus handled most of my Mom and house duties. It was a little tough on me. I will eventually get used to it. I have a LOT of energy. Always have, always will.

Yesterday I received an e-mail from a friend telling me that how much they appreciated my help with some stuff I had done. As a Mom, I generally do not get told thank you very much. It is nice to be told that I am appreciated once in awhile and it really meant a lot to me. Of course there is the "usual" thank you luncheon, etc. But this was out of the blue and I was very surprised and touched. So thank you for that.

I think I'm going to tear out my beautiful geraniums today (which will break my heart because they are still growing like mad) and put my Fall decorations in. But the leaves are starting to freeze and they don't look THAT fabulous. So wish me luck as I sit outside and cry while I tear my flowers out of their pots and replace them with scarecrows and fall colored leaves.

Hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Who Said Sunday Was a Day for Rest????

I DID IT! I got up at 6:00 am! If you know one ounce of information about me, you know that I am NOT a morning person. I will sleep until 11:30 am if you let me. With no problem. I am like a teenager. I could stay up all night long and sleep all day long. But since the kids have started school, I have made huge strides to switch that up and now I am on track of getting up at 7:30 am during the week and possibly a few minutes later during the weekends.....except for Sunday's! Grrrrr! Just kidding!

When I got to work at Lifetime this morning, there were actually people working out. Working out HARD! Holy cow I thought to myself. Were they still drunk from the night before? How were they doing this? I could barely find my way to the office to get my radio! People are pretty darn nice in the morning. Which actually made it easier for me to be nice in the morning. I was not as grumbly as I usually am. On the way out of my house, I made a quick cup of coffee with my fancy new Keurig coffee machine and I was out the door in a flash. I think I frightened the dog and two kitties because they are NOT used to seeing me this early in the day! It was kind of nice. :)

About 1/2 through my shift, my family came in to visit me so I could show them what I do. They were ecstatic to see me, hugged me, smiled...acted like they hadn't seen me in YEARS. They asked me with their eyes wide open if I was allowed to go "anywhere" I wanted to at Lifetime. As if there are secret doors, etc. It was really kind of cute. Then they started to touch all of the things I just cleaned up and that is when I had to kick them out. That was to the turf to play with Dad.

Came home, took a nap. Ignored the Broncos because I'll be honest, I really don't care. Never claimed to be a huge sports fan (only claim to be in love with Joe Sakic and his class act). The only sport I am truly addicted to is watching Mitchell play THAT is fun stuff! I mean, I hope the Broncos win...that means that everyone (especially Gary) is in a good mood in the house. But if not, life goes on...I don't get too wrapped up in that stuff.

Anyways, I hope you all have a fantastic main goal for this week is to walk on my treadmill for 20 minutes a day. IN THE MORNING. Every single day. That may not seem like a lot to some people, but to me, it is a start. And I can do it....I KNOW I CAN!!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

My First Blog!

So I've been told by many many people that I should start a blog because they think my life is just hilarious. I'm not sure how hilarious it really is. It is just "my life!" Do I make it "sound" hilarious or is it just the way life is? Or is it how I tend to look at it? Life is so short that we should look at things in a funny way so that we can get through things just a "little" bit easier.

Within the past year, I've become a huge Facebook addict. I can't get off of it. I post my status update 4-6 times a day. I like to keep my family & friends in the loop of what is going on with the Taylors. Why do I do this? Do they really care what is going on? Do I want them to care? Or do I do it so that I don't have to sit down in December and write a long, dreaded boring Christmas letter telling the world what we've been up the past 12 months? Things just seem much more fun on a daily basis!

We do a carpool system with one of our neighbors so that we don't have to drive to the school 3 times a day EACH. One morning right before school, Gary had the neighbor kids in the car and 3 out of 4 of ours in the car. We were having a huge altercation with Michael because he lost his regular hoodie and refused to wear his winter jacket. Mind you, it was FREEZING cold outside. So Gary had to chase him all around the cul-de-sac, tackled him in the garage finally, threatened to leave him at home, and finally got him in the car so they could get to school on time. Now tell me, how would I put that hilarious story in a Christmas letter that we all got so many laughs out of? My point being, I LOVE Facebook. I love sharing little pieces of my life with my friends and family. I love sharing my humor. I love sharing my outlook & joy on life.

I have had numerous comments from friends about how they get on their computer daily just to see what I have written on Facebook because it makes them laugh. I have been encouraged by many people to write a blog. Holy crap...even write a book! Now, that is NUTS! Not so sure about that. But I'm going to try this blog for awhile. I think it will help me reach some of my goals (emotionally, mentally, as well as physically) and it will keep my rear-end off of Facebook for awhile!

As I'm writing this, Gary is sitting on the couch watching the Rockies and I can hear Michael crying saying "I'm bleeding." All I hear Gary say is "don't bleed on the couch" as he sits there continuing to watch the game. WOW. Now, how do I share this without other people laughing with me? Drama or reality? You pick?

I have this really cool new job at Lifetime Fitness that I am just in love with. Tomorrow is the first day that I have to work from 7:00 am - Noon. I have not had to be at a "job" at 7:00 am in the past 10 years. I think it just MAY kill me. So off to bed I go.

I'm new at this "blog" thing so bear with me. I want it to be encouraging, lift you up, lift ME up, make me think of ways to better myself by writing down my goals....and hopefully bring a smile to someones face during the day.

Peace Out Peeps!